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Master the Art of Cleaning White Sneakers - Futstep

Updated: Jun 14

We absolutely love white sneakers and the way they elevate an outfit, but we cannot ignore the fact that these fashion must-haves are high maintenance. A bit of mud or a splash of water, and their pristine appearance is ruined. Thankfully, we have Mr. Amit Pandey, Founder of Futstep, a Mumbai-based shoe care company, to our rescue. Mr. Pandey founded Futstep in 2009, and since then they have restored over 1.5 lac sneakers for more than 25000+ sneaker enthusiasts.

1) Washing Machines - Yes Or No?

Our first instinct is to put white sneakers into a washing machine and let it do its job, but according to Amit, that’s the worst thing you can do. He explained that home washing machines function on high-speed rotation built for clothes that have a threshold for it, whereas sneakers or shoes are made of materials like molded plastic, fabric, and rubber, put together using adhesives and stitches that might come off or tear apart. A washing machine also can’t get into all those tiny ridges or inaccessible areas that might remain dirty.

2) What Shoe Cleaning Kit to prefer?

The perfect everyday kit should include a shoe-cleaning shampoo, a microfiber cloth, a shoe deodorizer, and a small brush. Amit advises using a proper cleaning brush instead of a toothbrush and most importantly, developing a habit of cleaning shoes. Wipe and clean them as soon as you return home and if that’s a hassle, clean your sneakers at least once a week dedicatedly. “Trust me, it doesn't take more than 5 minutes for a pair” he asserts.

3) Getting Rid of Stains!

The best home remedy to get rid of stains is to use bleach. Prepare a concoction of bleach and water in a 50:50 ratio and apply it manually to the dirty or smudged areas. Leave it on for ten minutes and carry on brushing the sneakers using a cleaning brush and a shoe-cleaning shampoo. Remember—bleach is only used for white sneakers.

4) Scratches - Can they be fixed?

A scratch on white sneakers is as painful as a scratch on a new car, and according to the expert, sadly, there is no way we can correct it at home. Scratches are harsh marks or rub-offs on the upper vamp or leather of sneakers. This can only be fixed by sneaker restoration professionals because they use high-grade fillers, colors and finishers to bring out the best look in a sneaker. Futstep Experts use Angelus colors and trusted filler materials to cover the scuff marks and repaint the sneaker so that it looks fresh. In this regard, Amit believes that 'Prevention is better than cure'. However, if the scratch is there on your sneakers, Futstep has got you covered.

5) How to Dry clean sneakers?

Amit favor's cleaning your shoes dry rather than rinsing them in water.

His simple and effective 4-step process is to start with a brush, then clean with shampoo, and wipe off excess water and dirt with a microfiber cloth. The next step is to loosen the laces and keep the shoes under a fan or in a shady spot where they have access to fresh air and some sunlight. He adds, "Please never ever dry your shoes under direct sun as it will make the upper vamp stiff."

6) How to take care of sneakers during monsoon / rainy season?

White sneakers might take a back seat during monsoons, and our expert suggests storing the shoes using shoe trees. "

Shoe trees are simple yet highly effective shoe care instruments that go inside the shoes and help maintain their shape," he explained.

Then put them inside a sneaker crate or store them in a spacious shoe box or shoe rack that lets the shoes breathe. Amit pointed out that in coastal areas with high humidity, it is important to keep a check on your shoes and expose them to some light sunlight or put them in a shady spot at least once a month.

7) How is a professional sneaker care company different from home sneaker care?

Futstep professional care team uses the latest technology, advance equipment's, tested tools and chemicals that are proven safe and highly effective for your sneakers. The experts handle various sneaker troubles on a daily basis that makes them aware of the problem, solution and the probable outcome. At Futstep, Experts follow a details 7 step process to restore any sneaker and that's what ensures quality and well finished job.

On the other hand, home hacks are effective if done right from day 1 of sneaker use. This will keep the sneaker in correct shape and form. The material will be intact and improve the durability as well. Home hacks on one side are effective methods with low cost but if done in a wrong manner, can spoil your expensive pairs too.

Please stay careful while using low budget cleaners or chemicals at home and whenever in doubt, prefer to speak to the sneaker care experts at Futstep.


Futstep offers pick-up and drop service across Mumbai, Nashik and major Indian cities so that you can book now the next sneaker care slot with Futstep.

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